Angry Birds Racers Jigsaw

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Are you fond of insane adventure of angry birds? Then here is something new and thrilling for you! Dive again into a colorful world where lovely birds do not stop their intense fight with treacherous pigs. This time, the characters will need to find new ways to destroy the opponents who threaten to steal all their eggs. Evil pigs will even start building their own towers all around the location. But it is the right time to attack them. You may be impressed by their terrible number. But do not worry – you will have really exclusive birds at your disposal. Some of them will multiply during the shot and hit several targets. Others will act as a bomb – so make sure to send these to the most crowded pig areas. When you earn points, you can exchange these for new, more powerful birds. These are needed to confront various bosses. The game is very engaging but take time to go through a short tutorial to learn everything about features of all heroes to use them in the most effective way. Do your best to create an invulnerable flock to attack the antagonists! The main thing to remember is that you should not relax even for a moment not to give a single chance to evil pigs!

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