Angry Birds Rio

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Angry Birds have become incredibly popular and the developers have issued the third installment where they move all the events to South America. The players will go to Rio to participate in the new adventures of these cute characters. And even the plot of the game has undergone serious transformations. So are you ready to discover something new in this thrilling series?

Free up birds!

Once you start, your characters will have a particular task. There are a lot of exotic parrots in this new location. But they will turn out to be locked in cages. They cannot get out. And it will be your main mission to release them from this terrible imprisonment. How to realize it? You will have to break all the cages to allow them to freely fly again. Use a slingshot and different types of birds to aim them at the required object. Take time to check in advance what damage a certain bird can bring – you will find yellow, red and others here. If you use them correctly – you can easily destroy almost any obstacle you see in front of you. Check attentively the flight path on the screen. It will allow you to analyze whether the trajectory was successful and correct it for future shots if needed. At every next level, it will be more and more difficult to reach the target and you will have to avoid lots of barriers. Will you manage to free up all Rio birds?

Fight monkeys!

You may have expected to see the old opponents of angry birds. But these are not going to be evil pigs now! Instead, the feathered heroes will face new enemies. These are monkeys! They will try to do everything to make your rescue operation fail. These creatures are very cunning and merciless. So you will need to be very smart to distract and eliminate them. And finally, the last level will bring the main boss you have to defeat – and it will be a parrot! So, new achievements, and special hidden fruits are waiting for you in Angry Birds Rio. You will enjoy colorful scenes, active gameplay and absolutely lovely characters! Do not waste time – let the fun begin right now!

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