Angry Birds Halloween

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Have you missed angry birds from the eponymous game? Then you will be delighted to learn about a new adventure that you can enjoy right now! The feathered characters keep confronting evil pigs that are going to steal their eggs and use them for an omelette! Players must help the heroes to fend off the enemies and destroy them! If you have already played this game earlier, you know well how fishy and treacherous pigs are.

Halloween update

They will construct multiple towers at no time. You need to act fast, otherwise, it may be too late to stop the ever-growing pig crowd! So get armed with a slingshot and start a cruel attack. You also must know that your bullets are birds themselves! There are different categories of these characters, and they all have different powers. Some can act as bombs and delete many pigs with explosions! Others will multiply during the flight and scatter around the gaming field hitting several targets at once. The main idea is to delete as many opponents as possible using the minimum shots. Use your logic not to leave a single enemy alive before you run out of bullets. Only the smartest players will succeed in this thrilling challenge! Join now to check whether you are one of them!

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