Angry Zombies

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In the game, the player will have to fight a lot of zombies who want to attack him. New monsters will appear on the screen all the time. The player has a slingshot from which they can shoot at these creatures. The player can change the angle of fire, so it will be easier to hit the monsters. At each hit, the monster will die and his skull will fall to the ground. To get bonuses and points, the player must collect these skulls. If the zombies reach the player, the last loses.


In the game your enemies are terrifying zombies that have taken over the world. Now you will have to fight them. You have no weapons, just plenty of skulls, but use them wisely. You have 12 levels in total, and on each level you can use three skulls. Use the huge slingshot to adjust the speed, strength and angle of your skull. You can do this with the mouse. It will then fly in the specified direction.

There are various barricade structures in front of you, with enemies standing on them. They are made of different materials – glass, wood, stone and so on. Each material destroys in its own way – one is faster, the other needs to be hit several times.

Hit the target

Your task will be to hit the zombies. It is advisable to kill one of them, as you will get more points for doing so. You can also destroy zombies by shooting at barricades. In this way they will be destroyed, zombies on them will fall to the ground and those underneath will receive damage from stone, wood or glass. You can devise your own attack strategy and use it in each level. There is also often dynamite in the levels. If you hit it with your skull, it will explode and kill a significant number of zombies.

The game ends on two occasions. The first, is your victory. If you have killed all the zombies, the level ends and you get a certain number of points. You also move on to the next level. If at least one zombie is alive and all your skulls have run out, you will have to replay the level.

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