Angry Birds Space

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The adventures of angry birds continue. But this time, these cute characters will move to space. They are looking for new entertainment and experience. However, to their greatest surprise, the characters will find huge colonies of pigs even in this new environment. So, birdies have no choice but to return to the old confrontation with their enemies. Do you remember how they did it in the original release? Funny birds turned into bullets and players shoot them from the slingshot. Ready to start Angry Birds Space?

Master the gravitation!

The most interesting of the game is that all events unfold in outer space. It means that you will act not in the usual environment – so get ready to continuously changing gravity. In other words, the birds will be moving literally in a vacuum. Gravity exists only in the vicinity of planets and asteroids. In order to control the flight of the birds and aim better, you must use the gravity of the planets to your advantage. Shoot accurately and hit the pigs without wasting too many birds. Look at the flight path of the bird and calculate in advance whether it will hit the planned target. The key point is to use less birds and kill more opponents.

Use birds wisely

If you already played the original game, you know that there are different types of birds, and each of them comes with a unique set of features. So you need to know how to use them all for the best result. The most common is a red bird. But you can use many others – a laser bird that moves with rocket speed or bomb bird that can explode and delete a whole crowd of pigs in an instant. Blue birds will multiply and help you make a scattershot, and orange birds will inflate and easily destroy even most complicated structures. And this is not a full list – the developers added a lot of new personages with superpowers. You will also find enough of power-ups that will enable you to cause even more wrack around. Once of them is space-egg – you can take any bird into this weapon and suck pigs in as a vortex. So you have enough possibilities to get rid of antagonists in the shortest terms. Now it depends only on how skillfully you will use them. Good luck!

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