Angry Birds 2 Online

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The confrontation between cute birds and mad pigs is not over! These two crowds just cannot peacefully coexist! Annoying piggies are going to build towers and tease their opponents, forcing them to react fiercely. The birds are ready for everything to save their eggs and destroy dangerous enemies. If you already played this game before, you already know some of the personages. This time, you will see both old faces and new amazing birds!

Choose your bird!

There is no weapon in this game other than the characters themselves. No matter how weird it may sound, you will have to use the birds as bullets. Place them on a slingshot and send them in the air to reach the opponents and bring them as much harm as possible. Treacherous pigs will build lots of towers and your task is to delete these and save eggs. All the birds come with unique abilities – you just need to study them well and use them in the most appropriate moments. Do not miss to go through a special tutorial to learn all the nuances. Every time, you start a new level, you can increase your army. So make sure you add as many creatures as possible to your flock for the best fighting experience. For this, you will need to find the special key on the map. Once you spot it, click on it to get a new member to your fighting team!

Kill them all!

This time, the game comes with multi-task levels. After you successfully complete the first 25 levels, you will get access to Arena where you can participate in tournaments and confront other players. Depending on your achievements, you will get a special ranking in the League. Besides, you will receive additional points and can use these to pump your heroes. All the levels have a complicated structure – you will enjoy additional details and lots of new obstacles. You should build a strong flock as this new release has prepared a lot of super-powerful bosses. Use all methods to delete as many opponents as you can and bring as much destruction as possible to their territories. The process is exciting and colorful. Just start this thrilling interaction with these never-ending pigs and you will not be able to give it up!

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