Crossy Chicken

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It’s such a dangerous and hard task for a small chicken to cross a busy road! There are so many cars moving at a high speed and the little bird is afraid to get run over by some crazy driver. He still feels unconfident on his clumsy tiny legs and isn’t sure he will be able to dodge the wild traffic. You have to guide him to the other side and make sure he gets through the level safe and sound! Good reflexes and attentiveness will help you avoid all the dangers!


The game is about a chicken who wants to cross to the other side of a road filled with cars. This is especially difficult for the little chicken, as there are dangers everywhere. So it needs your help to be able to get to the other side. But on the way, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome. The road the chicken has to cross is always randomly generated. So you can’t pass identical obstacles more than once. The road consists of several sections – a road with cars, railway tracks with a train, and a river with logs in it.

Some rules

The chicken has to jump forward when there is no obstacle in front of it. In the case of the river, it must move forward when there is a log in front of it. If it moves carelessly, it may be run over by a car or hit by a train. Or it may drown in the river. In such cases, you can replay the game, but you will lose all your progress. You have to press the space bar to make the chicken move. This way it will move forward by jumping. You can also move backwards, but again, you have to check if a car or train is coming and if there is a log behind you. Additionally, you can move left and right using the arrow buttons. Your task is to go as far as possible. Try to cover as much distance as possible without dying.

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