Slither Birds

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In this cool game, you will again meet angry birds from the famous game. But this time, there will be one interesting change – you will have to crawl and not to fly. This is the only method to move around the playing field. But you will not be alone here – there are a lot of other weirdly moving birds around. And they may hunt you if you are not the first to do it. So you need now to act fast to survive.

The first task is to collect all the eggs – you will find a lot of them scattered around. And another thing to do is to eat your opponents and grow bigger. No matter how terrible it may sound, it is the only way to survive in this bloodthirsty company. So are you the smartest player out there? Join Slither Angry Birds to prove it. You will love the exciting process! This mad entertainment will be equally interesting for kids and adults!

Collect eggs

Your task will be to collect as many eggs as possible. There are lots of them in the game. They are all different colours and are constantly changing size. The colour of the egg doesn’t influence its effect. Collect as many eggs as possible to make your bird longer. The more eggs you collect, the bigger the bird will grow. Additionally, you will get points for a successful game. You can spend these points for new skins for your bird.

Avoid other birds

Try not to bump into other birds. If you hit another bird, you will lose and all your progress will be nullified. You will additionally have access to a mini-map where you will see where other players’ birds are going. On the map, they will be marked with birds’ heads. If you lose, try to play from the beginning. Try a different strategy and tactics, collect eggs when they grow big enough and avoid other birds.

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