Angry Birds Friends

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It seems there are no players that did not hear about cruel confrontations of angry birds and bad pigs. Feathered heroes get mad when these creatures are going to steal their eggs. They cannot allow it to happen and to prevent this disaster, birds are ready to turn into weapons themselves! The player will have to use these cute characters as bullets that are shot from a huge slingshot! Are you ready to take part in this thrilling activity? Actually, you need to be very smart to calculate the power of your hit to deliver a bird to the required destination. Every time, you will have a restricted number of shots. If you miss the target several times in a row, nobody will prevent evil pigs from getting all the eggs around! Soon, you will get access to new bird types that can bring more powerful destruction to the enemy. Use them wisely so as to eliminate as many opponents as possible in one go! Try to find secret keys and unlock as many new birds as possible. Act fast as crazy pigs are moving around and every minute, they are closer to the target! Find an efficient strategy to destroy them all once and forever! This game will be adored by players of all ages, thanks to colorful graphics and dynamic plot.

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