Angry Red Birds

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It is a new variant of the popular Angry Birds entertainment. However, this alternative is a bit more simplified, and it is perfect for those who never played the original release. You will play for funny characters – red birds. Their main feature is quite aggressive appearance. But it has a clear explanation for why these birdies are so angry – they are continuously being attacked by enemies. These are treacherous piggies! All of them need to be killed to the last one. So, you will really have a lot of work.

How can you get rid of the opponents? You need to shoot from the slingshot, sending birds into the air and hitting the structures where the antagonists are hiding. But there is one very important detail here – you need to ideally regulate the power of your hit to reach the target. If you send too many bullets missing the destination point, you will lose precious time and lose. So try to concentrate on the trajectory of the bird’s flight and make sure you apply the most appropriate power to delete all the enemies!

Game strategy

Each bird in the game has a different ability. For example, one can explode or can get big. To activate an ability, you need to tap again on the screen and the bird will change. If you kill all enemies before you run out of birds, you get three stars out of three. In general, the number of stars depends on the birds spent and the enemies killed.

A little more about gameplay

Each level has a different algorithm that will allow you to win the game faster. There is no one rule and you can shoot the birds as you want. If you look at the available birds and the construction that your enemies are on, you will be able to see where and which one you need to shoot to win the game.

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