Angry Flappy Birds

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These kamikaze birds are really awesome! Enjoy the wild gameplay and hit all the targets on the level launching your feathered canons from a huge slingshot. Just put the bird in it, aim well and shoot! Depending on the chosen angle and force, the bird will fly ahead and either hit or miss. You need to watch out not to break any pipes protruding here and there and try to collect a maximum number of bonuses in the process!


In the game you have several kinds of birds, which differ only in colour. In fact, all of these birds have the same abilities. They also can’t fly, so they have to use a slingshot to send them flying. The game takes place in several stages. In the first stage, you have to set up the slingshot, choose the bird’s flight power, flight height and direction. This is an important moment, as at the beginning it will need to fly through a gap between pipes. When the bird has flown through it, you need to start clicking on the screen.

Each click will raise the bird upwards for a few moments. But after a while, it will start to fall down, so you will need to keep clicking. You don’t have to do it quickly or slowly, but in time. Additionally, do not click all the time, otherwise, the bird will fly too high so you will lose it.


The game also has a lot of obstacles in the form of pipes. They stick out of the ground or swoop down from the sky and block the bird’s path. This makes it impossible for it to fly normally. If a bird hits a pipe it will fall, but the game is not over. The point is that you have several birds and when one dies, you can use a second or third one. But then you have to fly from the beginning of the level.

You need to find a balance so that the bird doesn’t fall to the ground, so that it doesn’t hit the top of the screen and so that it doesn’t catch the pipe. Your goal is to fly as far as possible. As you fly, you will receive bonuses. Your aim will be to collect as many power-ups as possible. There is no ending to the game. So the bird will fly all the time without any particular goal. You will also not be able to stop to rest.

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