Angry Cat Shot

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Can you imagine flying cats? They do exist! Don’t you believe it? Then welcome to Angry Cat Shot! Get armed with a slingshot and send fluffy cats into the air! At the same time, the cat needs to go through a ring with spikes without touching them. Furthermore, he must collect stars during his flight. To perform this thrilling stunt successfully, you need to correctly calculate the power with which you launch the animal. Otherwise, you will immediately finish your adventure painfully! So be careful and precise!

Flying cat

The protagonist of the game is a funny striped cat who wants to learn how to fly. To do so, he has brought a huge slingshot with which he can be sent up into the air. But the cat can not do it on their own, so he needs your help. In addition to the slingshot, the cat has also brought rings with spikes through which he must fly. Each ring contains a gold star. If the cat catches the star, he gets points. Your task is not only to help the cat fly, but also to collect as many points as possible. The cat also has three lives. So if you lose one life, the cat will also have spare ones. But if they all run out, the cat loses and the game ends. However, in that case you will be able to replay the level from the beginning, maintaining your progress.

More stars

Each of the thirty levels is rated with stars. The cat can get from zero to three stars. The number of stars depends on the amount of life the cat spent to get a star. That is, if a cat has not spent a single life, it will get three stars. If he has spent all his life, he will get no stars at all, although he will be able to go to the next level. A cat can lose a life if it hits a ring or any other structure or if it flies away in another direction.

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