FNF Vs. Bad Piggies

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Welcome to a fresh FNF adventure. If you played this musical game at least once, you must know the plot well. But new players may want to know what awaits them in this thrilling entertainment. The main character is Boyfriend. By evil fate, he cannot find a common language with the father of his Girlfriend. Daddy Dearest set a strict condition for the guy – he needs to prove he can follow the music rhythm with no problem.

Bad Piggies game

For this, he forces Boyfriend to participate in endless rap battles with all sorts of opponents. To his disappointment, the hero has turned out to be very talented. He goes through one musical contest to another and leaves all the adversaries behind. So Daddy dearest has become literally mad and decided to send a whole bunch of opponents to finally deal with the poor boy. And you would never guess who will pop up in this mod! These are Bad Piggies from Angry Birds! These creatures are really treacherous and see no barriers when they want to get something! And Boyfriend will have no assistants to help him in the dancing arena. Will you lend him a hand? The mod comes with three new soundtracks. Your task is to follow the music with all your ears to catch the rhythm and press the correct arrows accordingly. Note that incorrect moves will immediately affect your health bar. So try not to miss any notes to take advantage over evil piggies! Help Boyfriend win this confrontation!

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