Cannon Eggs

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Welcome to a new thrilling adventure of angry birds and evil pigs! You may already know that these two clans do not like each other. But do you remember why? Everything is simple – piggies want to still birds’ eggs and cook them! Once the birds learned about this treacherous plan, they immediately announced pigs their blood enemies forever. Now, their main mission is to kill every dangerous opponent until no one is left.

But how to achieve it without weapon? The birds have invented an interesting method to kill them – they will turn into bullets and destroy the antagonists. The player will have a slingshot on the screen – use it to send the bird in the air. But you will need to be more than agile to calculate the power with which you launch your feathered bullet. Try not to miss the target too many times in a row as it will give an advantage to your opponents. Use birds with special powers to delete more pigs in one go. Good luck in this fierce confrontation!


As stated earlier, you will have to shoot eggs at the evil pigs. The pigs have structures of different stuff on which they sit. Your task is to kill all the pigs using the minimum number of eggs. You can also kill a pig by making it fall into an abyss. To do this you have to destroy the structure underneath it, or at least some part of it, so that everything falls apart and the pig falls down. But each material can be destroyed by a different number of eggs.


There are three levels in total. The first one is available to you at the very beginning. To access all levels you need to pass the first one. Each level will give you a certain number of stars. You can get a maximum of three stars if you spend only one egg to kill all the pigs.

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