Easter Egg Bird

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Join the fun hunt for Easter eggs run by a bunch of cheerful birds! Your feathered character will fly off with the intention to gather as many of them as possible. You need to guide him through the level dodging various hurdles and obstacles that are going to appear in your way and keeping your eyes peeled for any eggs. The more of them you manage to collect the higher your score is going to be in the end! Enjoy the variety of colorful levels waiting for you!


The events of the game take place over Easter. A bird hatches from one Easter egg. Now it wants to collect all the remaining Easter eggs and get its own. To do this it needs the help of the player. Click on the screen with the mouse to make the bird fly upwards. Each time it flies up for exactly one second, after which it starts descending rapidly. There will be many obstacles to overcome along the way. Namely, there are many walls with holes in them. It is into these holes that the bird must fly. But be careful – if it hits on the wall, it will fall down and you will lose. So avoid the walls – sometimes it will be really difficult so you must be attentive.

Easter eggs

The bird must collect the eggs that are hanging in the air. Each egg has a different colour and design, but this does not affect the number of points that can be received. You need to collect as many eggs as possible to break your own record. Be aware that if a bird falls, you lose and all your progress is nullified. However, you can always try to replay the game from the beginning. There is no ending to the game, you just fly around and collect eggs. The end comes only when the bird hits a wall and falls to the bottom of the screen. So use your speed and dexterity and have fun with the bird.

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