Angry Birds Mad Jumps

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Once you try a game with funny birds, you will not be able to stop and will look for new adventures with the angry-looking creatures. Even if their expression is not friendly enough, these characters are not harmful at all. So these birdies are now calling you to have fun in a new entertainment. You know well that the main thing you need to tame these mischievous personages is logic and attentiveness. Otherwise, you will not hold for too long in the game. This time, you will have to help the characters get out of the complicated maze. Switch on your agility so that no obstacles and traps can stop you before you finally complete your mission. Note that even a small detail can break your plans – so think well about what step to take next. And do not worry if things do not go well from the start. You just need some training to master all peculiarities of the gameplay and succeed. Help cute heroes successfully complete all trials and win this challenge!

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