Friday Night Funkin: Angry Birds (Skin Mod)

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Some mods force Boyfriend to confront the most unexpected opponents. And this one is exactly like that. Daddy Dearest is still finding the most dangerous antagonists to make the hero fail the musical competition. This time he decides to engage angry birds from the popular gaming project to fight against Boyfriend. He sends the main hero to the colorful island where these cute characters live, without telling him what will await him there. The poor boy gets really confused to find out that he needs to confront a whole flock of opponents! Moreover, each of them has its own superpowers and can smash Boyfriend into dust with ease. The only way to stay safe is to outperform these angry adversaries in a series of rap battles. But you should help the hero as there are many new and complicated soundtracks in this mod. If you are an FNF fan, you know that rules remain the same in each mod – you need to prove to Daddy Dearest that you can follow the music rhythm with no problems. Once the song is on, you need to help Boyfriend move, matching all the beats. There are four floating arrows on the screen – listen to the music attentively and hit them accordingly. Avoid random moves as these will immediately affect your health bar. And you need to keep it green until the last chords of the song! Do your best to help Boyfriend win a duet with every angry bird. It will be a real challenge to find an individual approach to each of them!

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